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Chimney refurbishments

Chimney refurbishmentsMany consider the chimney as of a lesser threat as it comes to roof malfunctions, however the case is rarely such. A small problem in your chimney being ignored could lead to a huge repair task on a later stage. You don’t want a tiny leak to expand into a flood that will drain your savings in no time, right?

Bad weather has its toll on your chimney thus you should know better and regularly have it check for any irregularities. Maintenance will prevent and serious damage to your overall roof structure, for a malfunction in the chimney could affect the nearby areas and make them obsolete if not taken care in time. When it comes to chimney maintenance we offer the full package which includes flue cleaning, chimney lining, chimney pot and chimney flashing repairs.


We service both residential and commercial buildings and we offer solutions to different tasks as long as you need any type of roof installation, repair or maintenance work done. You could call us directly and obtain a quote. If you need more information, about our company, services, prices, please feel welcome to check our website thoroughly. You can also visit the contact us section where you will find our coordinates in case you have any question that you wish to ask us. We will happily respond as quickly as possible. We cover all incoming request and we never deny our customers our services. Whether a thorough installation or a simple inspection our teams will gladly respond to your needs and will assist you when any roof work is at hand.