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Call our friendly office staff at: 020 3026 9531


You need some more information on our services, technique, pricing policy or working hours – whatever you wander about, do don’t postpone in obtaining the necessary information and contact us directly on the below listed phone numbers or you could send us an e-mail – whatever is more convenient for you. We will be glad to hear from you and we will quickly present you with the details you require including scheduling a visit or consultation if needed. Whether you refer to installation work or repair and maintenance works we cover the whole range of roof services, thus you’d be in safe hands. Our highly trained and experienced teams consider each case individually so there is no too small of a task or too complicated of a project that we won’t undertake responsibly.


Throughout the years we have accumulated essential knowhow and expertise and we offer a high quality service package to both our current and potential customers. Regardless of the weather conditions, daytime and season, our employees are ready to come and aid you with any kind of problems ranging from small leaks to full scale roof repairs. Our work schedules are flexible so we can coordinate our visit with your free time and availability.

We are proud with our quick and reliable performance which you will further appreciate for the positive long lasting results it brings. The prices we work with are quite affordable and reasonable for the high quality services we render. We have specialized both in residential and business properties and no task could be perceived as unattainable challenge but rather as an invigorating experience. We are looking forward to assist you on your roof issues for you know well that we are the best solution to your troubles, just contact us and we will do all of the work for you.