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Fascias & Soffits

Fascias & SoffitsAs it comes to complete roof equipment and materials we won’t let you down. Whether you need UPVC cladding, fascias or soffits we offer quite a wide range of options to serve your unique projects and applications. The plastic fascia boards come in a variety of colors which are both aiming to contribute to the attractive design of your property and to present you with high-performance roof components of low-maintenance character. Whether repairing or just upgrading you will see the advantages of the elements we have selected to secure and embellish your roof exterior. Save from the high quality the roof components we offer to your attention impress with their easy installation procedures and long-life durability characteristics. Of course the colors or the wooden imitations they come in are vast thus you have a great pool to opt from and furthermore you’d be able to match them with your windows and doors if that’s what you prefer.


We work with proven names in the industry of fascias and soffits production and thus we provide you with state of the art roof components, which will bring you security and high performance for longer period of time. We would assist you in any installation or repair tasks concerning the above mentioned elements and will consult you on the most appropriate types for your given roof or roof project. Certain problematic decay processes may very well affect your fascias, but it’s often not visible to the naked eye. On certain occasions a thorough inspection of the roofing structure would be required only to discover a rotting board allowing water accumulation inside and activating the molding process. In order to avoid such disasters you’d better schedule at least twice a year roof checks conducted by a professional contractor as a preventive measure. We will be glad to assist you so do not hesitate o contact us directly.