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Flat Roofs systems

Flat Roofs systemsThe idea of flat roof originated as an exterior design feature rather then necessity. The idea is quite basic, flat roofs can be used as balconies and are much easier to built over if you decide to add an extra floor to your property. That is why currently more and more property owner prefer building their houses, office buildings and so on with flat roofs. Also the construction price of flat roofs is way cheaper compared to the other roofing alternatives.


As all roof types, flat roofs also need proper maintenance, because roofs are subject to nature’s elements, such as wind, rain, snow, lightning and storms in general and their destructive impact will be inevitably reflected on the roof’s surface. Even more flat roofs tend to retain water because they don’t have slopes that drain the water towards the gutters. Therefore is you are the owner of a flat roof, do not hesitate and contact us, so that you can have an experienced and capable roofing company at hand that will gladly aid you with the proper and regular maintenance of your roof.


Flat roofs pose certain problematic issues that should be dealt with responsibility and in a timely manner. For instance the place their edges meet the walls are highly critical areas and require special attention during maintenance. Furthermore even a small damage in a flat roof could cause a constant leak due to the accumulated water (paddles) on its surface after or during a rain storm.


Having this in mind a regular inspection of your roof is a must. A couple of examinations per year may suffice, however you won’t mistaken if you schedule them even in shorter time intervals. Precaution measures are always cheaper than following repair works.


Keep in mind that flat roof are ideal for green house designs, roof-top gardens and for the usage of solar panels to generate energy for your buildings. You could always upgrade your flat roof, however the essential part is to have a reliable roof contractor whom you could trust. We will be glad to assist you in such endeavors of yours so call us in case of need.