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New Roofs

New RoofsYou need to replace your current roof because it has been damaged during the latest storm, or you have just entered the last phase of your construction plan, which is crafting a roof: regardless of the case you should keep in mind that building a roof is not an easy task and you’d better hire professional roof contractors to do the job for you if you are after perfect long lasting results. We will get the job done, quickly, efficiently, properly, and meticulously.


Over the years we have accomplished many projects and we have mastered the craftsmanship to perfection. When it comes to residential roof types we can do it all. It does not matter if you want a Gambrel, Mansard roof, Saltbox, Pyramid roof, Hip roof, Bonnet roof, Flat roof, Gable roof, Cross Gabled roof, Arched roof, Skillion roof, or something personalized we have the necessary now-how to built a quality and durable roof within the fixed deadline. We are also offering commercial roofing services for various businesses such as, warehouses, banks, churches, schools, gymnasiums, stores, markets, hospitals, office buildings, restaurants and so on.


For those of you who are going green, we can proudly state that during these past years we have numerous orders for solar roof construction so we could be helpful in this field as well. Nowadays we can build a solar roof that will not only protect you from natural elements, but will also generate enough energy to keep your household or office running. We also have the necessary equipment to work with various roof building materials, such as cement, tiles, iron, copper, terracotta, you name it. For further information do not hesitate to contact us and pose your questions, we will be glad to consult you on your project and choose the best approach suited to your needs.