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Re-roofsRe-roofing is a procedure where the roof’s tiles or shingles are replaced with new ones, without the necessity of tearing down the base of the roof. This procedure is recommended when the tiles or shingles haven’t been replaced for over a decade and certain dislocations or slidings are appearing and some torn and damaged segments are also observed. As you know the roof takes some serious pounding during bad weather, and over the years the tiles or shingles get damaged. That is why every ten to twelve years responsible property owners should call professional roof contractors to re-roof their properties.


If you haven’t changed the tiles or shingles of your property for a decade or more stop the shilly-shally and contact us. We have the needed experience, materials, tools, know-how and diligence to restore your roof’s durability and make it appear freshen and newer than ever. And trust us when we say that we are ready to take an extra effort if your roof requires it for we offer highly customized solutions to our customers.


We never reject a request for assistance no matter the nature and scope of the project at hand, however when you contact us it is best to be able to describe your roof and the trouble bothering you in order to have a general idea of the given case and the necessary equipment we are to bring. Bellow you could read some of the most common roof types.


  • Gable roof- it contains two sloping planes of equal pitch on both sides of the ridge. The roof’s shape is an equally sided triangle.
  • Hip roof- it has four slopping planes of different size. Usually the front and back slopes are bigger than the side slopes.
  • Hip and valley roof- it contains two or more separate roofs joined together.
  • Gable and valley roof- a gable roof that intersects with a non-gable side.


When re-roofing know that you are not obligated to replace the old roof with a similar one. You can opt to change the entire appearance of your roof, by changing the color of tiles for example, even the design. Because of that we can offer a wide range of different colored roof tiles to choose from and many complimentary materials.