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Replacement rooflights

Replacement rooflightsYour property has additional rooflight that is currently bothering you and you do not know how to handle the issue. You’d better contact a specialist for you should take into consideration that defective and old roof lights can be the cause of small and big roof leaks apart from the scarce light source they turn in. Proper maintenance is of crucial importance thus do not underestimate this problem and proceed to its eradication.


Our expert teams have years of experience in repairing different types of roof lights including such like north light glazing, domes, single skin rooflights, polycarbonate pyramids and GRP translucent sheets. As it comes to installation, repair, replacement and maintaining the rooflights we are ready to serve best your interest and provide you with high quality solution to your troubles.


Roof lights or the so-called roof windows could lead to serious problems if not regularly checked and properly maintained. Condensation and certain leaks are only few of them. Even if high quality materials are initially used during their installation it doesn’t mean that the roof window structure is safe from gradually deteriorating with time. A poor repair won’t do you a good favor either. You’d better rely on specialist such as our teams. We offer regular inspections to your roof just to verify its condition and to prevent any damages from appearing or getting more serious in the near future. For any additional information you could contact us directly and ask your questions for obtaining more personalized and specific consultation on the given matter.


Let the light come in your property and the roof lights perform at their best. Do not refuse your property the natural light once you have invested in window lights, but welcome it and cherish it with the aid of our roof specialists who will always look after your roof and perform complying to the highest standards set in the industry.