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Roofs Restorations

Roofs RestorationsThe roof of a house, villa, office, or condo is the most important asset as it protects the indoors from the vast variety of natural elements like rain, wind, snow, lightings and etc. Due to this fact the roof takes some serious beating throughout the year, especially during the rain and winter season. This is sad because some roofs are built in a more artistic manner, with various colorful tiles, ornaments, and statues. Therefore if you have a roof that you are considering a work of art that has been damaged, call us without delay, as roof restorations is one of the many services that we offer as it comes to roof services.


In our roof restoration package we offer different services such as roof painting, cement and terracotta tiles restoration, ornament restoration, iron based roof restoration, and many more. We use various efficient techniques as it comes to roof so that the roof could regain its good looks and keep its functionality as well.


We offer a wide pool of tiles made from different materials and colors to choose from. We also offer the newest trend in roof restoration, known as point last restoration. This is a process where the pointing is applied after the re-painting or re-coloring of the roof. Thanks to the pointing we are able to mimic the appearance of a new tile while using an old one. If your roof is metal based, we have a big assortment of roof membranes to choose from.


The restoration of a roof involves several stages, that our employees have perfected over the years in which we have preformed numerous roof restorations. No matter how artistic or complicated a given roof is, we are confident enough that we can handle the job and execute it with excellence for we have the knowhow and the needed expertise to work efficiently and within the agreed deadlines. Don’t hesitate but contact us directly for further information on our services.